MyGuy Plumbing Inc.

MyGuy Plumbing is a family owned company serving South Orange County. My Guy is a company based on taking care of our clients, NOT their checkbook! MyGuy offers professional service at an affordable rate. We will diagnose your specific situation, work on some solutions, and we won't begin any work until you are given a clear and fair price. No pressure, EVER! So, if you've had an unpleasant experience using the "OTHER GUYS" try MyGuy and see what an experienced and honest plumber can do for you.

Why Maintenance Plans?

If you've ever come home to a flood then you know how damaging this can be. Water can ruin everything and cost alot to clean up.  Most of these floods are preventable and are the result of a small problem that got out of hand. By having a Maintenance Plan with MyGuy you will get an annual inspection of plumbing.  We will check to see if there is something that hasn't been noticed yet or signs of a potential problem. By bringing these to your attention you can relax knowing that your house is safe from a preventable problem.  We will inspect your water heater and flush it for you for no extra charge! Also we offer annual Drain Maintenance Plans which can help prevent those clogged drains. Trust MyGuy, we know how important a free flowing drain is to you and your loved ones. With Maintenance Plans as low as $99.00 there's no reason to worry anymore.

MyGuy Plumbing